Wednesday 3rd August 

Today started with an early breakfast of bacon and egg at around 7am!!! After we finished up our packing we were ready to board the bus which we were excited to hear had air con. However much to our dismay it turned out the bus was miles up a steep hill so first we had to struggle with our bags to reach the bus. When we finally reached the bus many of us found the air con to be too cold and even had to resort to wearing jackets. Some of us tucked into well-earned snacks for the 3 hour journey and after eating half of the packet discovered that the Indian crisps had an ants nest in it, very very tasty! When we arrived at Alleppey, we boarded onto three riceboats and set off down the backwaters. Each boat was very luxurious with comfy armchairs and seats.

thumb_IMG_0910_1024After about 20 minutes on the boat we anchored at the side of the river ready for our lunch. There were so many different types of curry and even some fish which was all amazing. After trying and failing to finish it all we settled back down to relax. We cruised for a couple hours longer taking in the local scenery, reading and napping until we pulled up at a local shop to buy fish for the evening which we decided against and instead went next door to buy snacks for the following day.thumb_IMG_0946_1024

We headed back towards the jetty to tie up for the night, but first we went on an evening stroll around the local area before settling down on the boats for an evening meal including chicken and chapati. We finished the evening with a bit of relaxing before an early night in preparation for a 5am start the next day, in order to get to the airport in good time.

Mairi and Zak

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