Tuesday 2nd August 

Jackath, son of James, awoke on the sixth hour of the 734,543rd day after the light of the world was lit. He soon after lit his own light within the toilet of the 3rd hotel room within Rockholm, Kovalam. As a consequence of this Timothy, son of Adrian, awoke but then slept again until the 5145th hour of the year. The sea was rough for the tide was high and the fishermen were at their daily toils working the seas for the treasures of fish. Mankind was not the only force mining the waters for their treasures as mighty Fish Eagles were slicing through the tumbling waves clasping their talons through the flesh of fish. Watching carefully, a tone of red could be seen within the ocean’s waves.
Many of the 19 strong group of humans were enjoying the unfertilised egg of the chickenus, others the back meat of pig, others sweet toast. Sandra, daughter of Roy, led the gathering of knowledge for the morn. Explanation commenced for the detailing of the day: much like that of the 734,542nd day but slightly different, not that different but different all the same. thumb_IMG_0883_1024
Rupees were spent in exchange for goods and services much is the way within the continent. Bartering is common yet only with money. The heat of midday brought the gift of food, which was the same of everyday since the 734,527th day.
Wild wolf dogs fought as the youths approached the refuge point. The feeding of the 19 soon commenced; one small crate of sea creatures turned into a feast of beautifully seasoned fried fish wrapped in the simple banana leaf. A miracle to behold. Soon thereafter the day was over. thumb_IMG_0897_1024

Tim and Jack

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