Monday 1st August

After a good nights sleep in our hotel, we were woken by the sound of crashing waves just outside our window. We all headed down to breakfast, some earlier than others. Tables had been set outside on the terrace, overlooking the astonishing Arabian Sea. Instead of more eggs and sweet toast, most of us chose eggs and bacon. Other options included omelette and porridge.thumb_IMG_0849_1024

At around 11 we all met to walk to Kovalam beach. We were all amazed by the black sand and vast array of shops where you can buy just about anything. Most of us walked along the beach to be coated in black and strangely glittering sand. We wandered around the shops, most of which had a strong hippie vibe due to Kovalam being on the hippie trail to Sri Lanka. We were so entranced by the wares in the shops that we forgot about the midday sun. Some of us might be a bit more than a little sunburned. . .

thumb_IMG_0859_1024We all headed to different restaurants along the seafront to try some more curries or fresh sea food. We weren’t disappointed. After another couple of hours of walking around the shops Tim, Laura.S, Jack and I decided to find a nice cafe to have a drink. It couldn’t have been more relaxing, sat looking over the sea with a cold drink. After a couple of hours we reluctantly decided it was time to go to meet the rest of the group for dinner. Meanwhile, the staff had been to the tailor’s shop to have some clothes made.

At 7pm we all went back to Kovalam beach to the restaurant that the staff had booked earlier. The restaurant was on the seafront and they had arranged one long table for us all, complete with candles, overlooking the sea. The food, while slow to arrive, was delicious. The company and the scenery was just as nice. After finishing our meal we had a short walk along the seafront to stretch our legs and book a restaurant for tomorrow night. The rest of the evening consisted of everybody messaging friends and family. While it has been nice to have two weeks where we haven’t been on our phones, it was good to have wifi again and catch up with what’s happening in the rest of the world.
Issi and Laura Smith

WORLD EXCLUSIVE !!!    “The Great Kovalam Spider Massacre”
From our India correspondent in Kerala.

We have received reports of a chilling occurrence in the seaside resort of Kovalam. Late last night, at around 11pm at the Rockholm Hotel, a spider of terrifying proportions was discovered in Room 8. Panic soon spread as the English girls, who were staying in the room, ran out screaming in fear of their lives. One of the girls raised the alarm and two teachers, accompanying the school group, went to investigate. Showing great initiative, one of the teachers ran to the linen cupboard and found a broom with which to protect the students. Without any consideration for his personal safety, he climbed onto a chair and with one short , swift movement, brought the spider to the floor. Ignoring  the screams of the girls and mindful of the serious threat posed to their safety by the creature, he instructed a male student to move the bed behind which the spider had taken refuge. Taking a shoe, the most suitable weapon to hand, the student, who fortunately is intent on pursuing a career in the Armed Forces, despatched the creature with two forceful, decisive blows. To the collective relief of the girls, the remains of the arachnid were removed, enabling them to return to their room and settle to a peaceful night. The manager of the hotel spoke to us afterwards and assured us that this was an isolated incident. “This event is truly shocking us. Guests’ safety is extremely important. Staff are being more vigilant in future, especially for basins, plugholes and whatnot.”P1050648

6 thoughts on “Monday 1st August

  1. Oh my lord I’m laughing so much at this because Alice told me about it 😂😂 I just hope one of you got a picture of it before it was hit lol. Xxx

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  2. Heard that they were delayed leaving Manchester by about an hour but think they were due back at Richmomd for 10.15pm this may well be later now. Flight EK019 to Manchester.

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