Thursday 28th July 

After a late night bus ride home from Pondicherry energy levels were low. We struggled through yet another egg and sweet toast breakfast. The higher standards had exams which meant that we to cancel and rebook lessons with lower standards which resulted in a lot of last minute planning. Today’s lessons included parachutes, colouring, dice games and music which were all successful.


thumb_IMG_0247_1024The afternoon continued with lessons after once again a rice and curry themed meal. There was, however, a change in the colour, as we had a pea based curry! Then we practised our dance and singing for the end of trip show. Some of us went to recharge our batteries before another tiring evening of games and photos. On the way to the school one of the younger boys ran up holding something in his hands. This turned out to be a small chipmunk that he had found near the boys room. There was a small moment of panic before the boy reassured us that he was saving it and just moving it to a safer environment. After this dramatic saga playtime was seemingly cut short when the skies turned black and the thunder and lightning came along. Spirits weren’t dampened as we all ended up skipping back to the home.

The children ended up going for an early study which led us on to writing this masterpiece, watching the rain fall, listening to the claps of thunder and watching the big lightening strikes. Ms Johnson took this opportunity to remind us about tomorrow’s lessons that needed to be sorted so we congregated in the dining room to do so, we did however have to wait for the power to come back on. Before our evening meal we were invited into the dining area to watch a video that Raja had produced about the children’s home which included: the day in the life of a child that lives at the home, facts about the primary school and the secondary, the facilities that the children have at the home and the school and also the application process. We were also shown a collection of photos from the children’s home from over the years which was accompanied by a range of interesting music that we assume was chosen by Naveen. Tea was our usual curry dish with an element of surprise which was vegetable patties. We also had a pudding which was very different to our usual mango, we had an Indian style egg custard tart which received mixed reactions. We are now doing our final session of lesson planning for our last day of teaching tomorrow.

Lots of love to all,

Syd and Cara

2 thoughts on “Thursday 28th July 

  1. Another very ‘Much appreciated’ installment if life in the real world of you caring sharing folk. Take care.


  2. ‘Break a leg’ for your leaving performances, I’m looking forward to seeing some snaps of you all dressed in traditional Indian clothes.Enjoy your train ride to Kerala, I’m sure that’ll be an interesting experience. Keep up the blogs emails Facebook posts etc when you can. Lol xxx


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