Tuesday 26th July

We started the day with, can you guess?

We then departed for lessons after breakfast in the blazing heat of yet another glorious day in India. Some of the more popular lessons of today included Mairi and Syd’s Beetle Drive which we were assured counted as a maths lesson. Benji and I delivered another fantastic photosynthesis lesson, of course. Cara, Sandra, Fiona, Tom and Benji had a difficult lesson sewing with standard 7 due to their lively personalities.

thumb_IMG_0590_1024After teaching the first steps were taken towards practice for our leaving show with dance rehearsals to Uptown Funk… let’s just say some of us need more work!

thumb_IMG_0607_1024We then returned to the rooms for a short rest before playtime. This was meant to be a time of ‘relaxation’, however, it did not turn out as such. Evidently, Jay and Tom’s rice servings had been too large as they went crashing to the floor, the frame of the bed splitting in two.

Playtime soon came around the corner after the bed fiasco. Many new games such as French skipping, badminton and bubbles featured in the playground today. As well as this, the first ever England VS India Cabada games were played. We will win next time, that’s a promise.

After playtime, Alice, Issi and myself (Jay) went on an impromptu errand running trip with The Big Boss himself. We were taken in his lovely 4X4 (with air con!!!) around Vriddhachallam performing some mysterious fruit deals. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, the rest of the group were tirelessly sat waiting for our return in order to start their evening meal. There were less smiles than anticipated upon our return… Thankfully to soften the wait, the meal included our favourite chicken dish once again.

The day again ends sat outside sharing stories of the day, before a (hopefully good) nights sleep before our excursion to Pondicherry tomorrow.
Jay and Benji

Apologies for the lack of photos. We have no internet here and so are texting the blogs to Laura’s grandad Jef, who is very kindly posting them for us. We shall add photos as soon as we can.
Sandra, Fiona and Brett

7 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th July

  1. Brett, please take some photos of the new equipment in the Old People’s Home.

    Good to see that the Amala children and the Richmond students are working hard and enjoying each other’s company. Keep practising the dancing for the show!



  2. You said on the way into Richmond to catch the coach that you don’t get homesick. Well I must say we are missing your witty comments but Daniel says it’s nice not sharing the TV.
    Hope you remember to bring home the recipe for the popular curry. Hope wash day is not too much of a chore for you all, I’m sure all us mums will be appreciated more on your return. Some of the blogs have made me chuckle, animals on the loose, floods and broken beds. Sounds right up your street Benjamin, organised chaos! Hope the children are enjoying your lessons and are actually learning something and not just beating you at all the games! Keep up the good work, take care xx

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  3. Hello everyone, we have really been enjoying reading your blog and hearing of the daily routine and trips. Look forward to seeing photos on your return. Tried to reply before but wifi is just as bad here in northern Spain as India!! Love to all Philippa & Paul Mort X


  4. Wonderful reading these ‘adventures’ you are all having. Enjoy your last week everyone . Missing you Issi and cannot wait to see you next week, much love Mum and Dad xx


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