Sunday 24th July

Today has been one of the hottest days so far, it has been less muggy and sunnier, a perfect day for washing clothes! We started the day with yoga with the local yoga teacher who has a degree in it (how strange)! We were told that it was meant to be relaxing, however we all thought it was more painful (not looking forward to the pain of getting up in the morning!) thumb_IMG_0469_1024After a bit of time out we gave the presents that we had brought to the children, who all sat in neat rows to receive them . Once they had all been opened, we showed them how to use their toys  if they didn’t understand.
Once again a lovely curry for lunch….

After lunch the girls did T-shirt decorating with all of the girls from the home on the floor of their bedroom! We started off by fitting a t-shirt to each girl which proved harder than we thought as they were quite ‘fashion conscious!’ After that we handed out small bottles of fabric paint so that they could decorate them with flowers, hearts, dots and even having us sign their tops. They were very creative and came up with some fantastic designs. Now we’re just waiting over night for them to dry so they can wear them tomorrow.
The boys played sports outside with the other children along with their new toys! These included different types of balls, throwing games, wearing ‘ice blocks’ (otherwise known as sunglasses) and lots of photos!

The loom bands came out during the afternoon, with lots of children wanting bracelets! It involved a lot of rubber bands, smiles and shouts of ‘auntie rubber bands!!’ We all made numerous amounts of bracelets, sharing them with everyone.

Later we gathered and began a giant game of keepy up. This included the bus driver and a member of the Amala warden team who also wanted to play. Meanwhile, a snake was discovered  in the building where some of the boys were playing so the bus driver and the boys’ warden tried to wrangle the snake, much to the amusement of the others. They managed to kill it with stones and a stick.

During tea there was a big storm which resulted in a power cut. With the lights out we sat under cover and  watched the storm progress, including incredible lightning strikes and frightening  thunder. The evening ended with a mad dash to rooms through the heavy rain.
Cara and Sophie

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