Monday 25th July

thumb_IMG_0589_1024Monday we woke up after a decent night’s sleep even with the storm raging and frequent power cuts. (The day started with our usual breakfast of eggs and sweet toast). There was a wide variety of lessons taught during the day from dancing and music to the “24” challenge. For lunch we had a curry and an especially tasty potato dish, we also hit some of the highest temperatures of the trip so far with blue skies and a beating sun all day long.
Issi used her skills to spot another snake which was significantly bigger than the one in the shed yesterday. Thankfully it escaped  down a hole so we were spared it being mercilessly beaten to death by the children. We were taught the Tamil word for snake which is “bambu”.
Later a few of us decided to walk into the local village and visit the small shops selling essential groceries and out of date biscuits and drinks. After we had bought several bottles of Sprite, some chocolate bars and a number of other sweets for the equivalent of £3.50, we walked back to the home whilst being stared at in amazement by the locals.
After school finished, we walked with the children to play time and all of a sudden there was a loud squeal and a huge commotion kicked up. We were told that there had been a accident and so thought something serious, but apparently It was only the puppy and it was fine even after it had been hit by a car.
During playtime we tried out some new equipment including badminton and French skipping, both of which went down well. We also resumed the “deathball ” matches and even the girls joined in. The children constantly ask us to take photos and selfies, especially with the presents we gave them.
Laura E, Jay,Benji and Laura S experienced the bus journey from school to the children’s homes in the surrounding villages; it was  interesting to see their very different  lifestyles.
After planning tomorrow’s lessons, the day ended with us all sitting outside, socialising and playing with the children in their evening free time.

Matt and Zak

4 thoughts on “Monday 25th July

  1. Wow what an exciting time you are having . Love reading these updates and cannot wait to see photos . regards to all Linda Mattson x


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