Thursday 21st July

thumb_IMG_0257_1024The day began far earlier than we had hoped after the power went out early in the morning leading to a sweltering and sweaty night, until it returned at 2:26 am to relieve us of our suffering. The day began formally with our usual breakfast of fried eggs and sweat toast before going on to teaching for the day. Highlights from the lessons were big books and Zak’s guitar which captivated the students short attention spans, however in other lessons we struggled with students nodding off! We then returned for lunch which was again rice and a curry style dish. Elliot and Sophie then embarked upon the bus run which was anticipated to last 30 minutes, however this did not account for the traffic conditions in India, with herds of goats and cows as well as heavy braking to avoid chickens, extending the voyage to a two hour round trip. The day was finished off with play time. We began by introducing the students to rounders which went down well, until the older students finished class and came demanding another evening of cabida (deathball) with another guest appearance from the bus driver leading to a fast paced game including a novel backflip dodge by Zak, not forgetting the injured spectators. As the final whistle blew the mesmerised students circled Zak to see his gymnastic prowess one more time before study. The day ends by writing the blog before the evening meal, thank goodness we’re fancying curry….
Benji and Elliot

All our students are really throwing themselves into their teaching, facing some large classes and very hot classrooms. They have followed advice and used their resources to full effect. Tom and Jay, for example, have managed to deliver an impressive numbers of lessons, equipped with just a few flags! Standard 7 students were keen to show us the postcards they had produced with Cara and Issi and Laura E’s fortune teller activity was a great way to end the day.
Sandra, Fiona  and Brett

2 thoughts on “Thursday 21st July

  1. It sounds like a great experience so far. Message for Mrs J – I have left a voicemail for you on the school phone- hope you can access it.
    Mrs Wardle


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