Friday 22nd July

Breakfast was once again sweet toast and fried egg, everyone was too tired to speak after another hot and sticky night.

On the way to our first lessons, after breakfast, I noticed a small duckling which was happily following a chicken. This led me to think about the vast array of wildlife we have seen over the past few days. Today for example I have seen humming birds, lizards , chipmunks, goats and don’t mention the emu… which somehow managed to escape from its pen in the primary school playground!  I can tell you for certain emu wrangling wasn’t in the trip itinerary.  It seems that one of the students had let it out just so that they could chase it again. However it got a little out of hand… Ms Johnson approached a group of students and tried to calmly explain that they needed to help put it back in the pen. They were greeted by a sea of children all grabbing and pushing the poor bird until Elliot got it corned and it finally was pushed into its home. All before lunch.
In the early evening we had a very interesting meeting with Raja A.K.A  Big Sir A.K.A The head of the orphanage. We were told the history of the orphanage and the struggle for funding and the heart wrenching stories of some of the children who live at Amala children’s home. We had a short break to have a kind of spicy bean pasty.

At play time there were many games being played including, skipping, rounders and frisbee, which might not have been the best game to play near trees, we thought,  just as we saw a very small child scrambling up a tree to collect it!

At the end of play time we returned to the home for the students daily study session. All was as usual until I saw Ms Johnson pacing out of one of the dorms yelling “WHERE ARE THE MOPS!!  WE NEED SERIOUS MOPS!!” My confusion was put to rest when I opened the door to the dorm and I was greeted by 2 inches of water spreading from our room into the corridor and the other rooms. “Flood! Flood!” The distant cry of Ms Johnson was followed by the other boys to clear the floor of our bags. Zak then arrived to ensure his favourite socks were not drenched. The girls and boys from the home ran in with dry grass brushes and pushed the water out of the door in record time. Luckily our bags were waterproof (thanks to Mountain Warehouse and The North Face) and the room had only light water damage to the walls. We live to see another day! – Elliot

While the flooding was taking place Laura and I (Issi) went to join the girls for their evening study session. Expecting to be helping the little girls with their homework, however, we were sat down to have our hair plaited and given bindis. Laura was less lucky as a very old looking children’s make up kit was brought out much to the children’s excitement and Laura’s dismay. It was applied heavily on her – pink lipstick, eye shadow and purple blusher!

We are all looking forward to our trip ‪tomorrow‬ to see some temples.

9 thoughts on “Friday 22nd July

  1. I hope that in all the commotion of capturing the emu, someone thought about taking photos. I am really enjoying reading the blogs. Lizzie


  2. Great blog, thank you all for visiting Amala and sending us the daily accounts of the Amala children’s enjoyment of the activities.
    Are all your classes in the Primary School?

    VH. ( on behalf of the Trusrees )


  3. Loving to read all the comments – takes me back 4 years to when I was there! Sounds like everyone is having a good time – glad to hear you’re enduring the same thunderstorms, overly excited students and variety of animals we encountered! Hope you all enjoy the visits to the spectacular temples, and the few days down south at the end of the trip, as well as the sheer pleasure of the time with the children both in the home and the school, and appreciate how keen they are to learn from you….! Ah well, enough reminiscing – I’m off to enjoy my 6 weeks of holidays!
    Toodle pip
    Mr Dalgleish

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