Wednesday 20th July

thumb_IMG_0208_1024We started the day, again with breakfast of fried egg and toast at 8 am. Today was our first real day of teaching, we had prepared lessons from English and Maths to flags and animals. It turned out to be another boiling day. Our lessons seemed to go down well with the children. They loved the interaction and activity they were given in our classes as it is very different to their usual lessons where  they will repeat and copy from a blackboard. Origami was a big hit in class 5 with Sophie and Elliot!
Today a few more people took the opportunity to join the school children on their bus journey home, they encountered some goats in the road along with monkeys stealing food from the villagers.
Some people had decided to wash clothes. The washing area consists of a large tub of water and washing lines out the back. We had two buckets which were filled up from the tub of water. One for washing and one for rinsing. By the end of the day we went to collect them and they were dry. Later it was the children’s play time and we all walked over to the school to give the children a range of activities including square ball, skipping and dancing, and ‘frog’ racing! (racing in a frog like position)
During play time a boy challenged Mairi to an arm wrestle and Mairi was victorious, however he then brought over his 20 year old brother who defeated Mairi in one strong swoop! The day ended with another large thunder storm which cooled everyone down and the thunder and lightening provided the evenings entertainment.
Thank you to Grandad Jef for regularly uploading the blog!

Laura.S and Laura.E

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th July

  1. Sounds amazing and tiring! Hope you get plenty of photos.
    I understand sending txts home & receiving them is problematic so
    It’s great reading these blogs!
    Well done all of you, not even a week but I’m sure I speak for all parents – we miss you! Take care x


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