Tuesday 19th July

thumb_IMG_0172_1024The day started with the hottest sleep of the lads lives, followed by a beautiful breakfast of eggs, toast and snack size local bananas. Around 9:30 am we ventured across to the school where all the children were stood in a military style formation, they sung us their national anthem before presenting us with a single rose each. Afterwards we watched a yoga lesson where all the children performed a routine. Next we wandered into some classrooms where we were greeted by many happy faces, they were eager to learn, however we had no lessons planned so we decided on a game called heads down thumbs up which they adored. After we had lunch which was a hearty meal, some of us washed and whacked our clothes whilst others took a well deserved nap.

thumb_IMG_0179_1024At around 4 pm a couple of us went out on the school bus and experienced the lives and homes of some of the school children. Later we played an Indian version of dodgeball aka death ball which consisted of the boys getting pelted by a football as hard as possible for a good hour. After surviving death ball we experienced a lovely dinner which consisted of samba, rice and CHICKENNNNN!!!!  Now settling down for a hot, sweaty and rainy filled night and finishing off lessons plans ready for tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th July

  1. How exciting for you all. Pleased you survived death ball. We seem to be having Indian weather over here too, trying to empathise a little with you. Haven’t tried curry for breakfast though!


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